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Dec. 18th, 2008

Title: Relaxation Techniques
Synopsis : Things get a little heated in the office when Tony tries to show Pepper how to just relax a little.
Rating: R
Author's Notes: As always, dedicated to my muse -[info]forged_of_iron. He helped inspire this piece.

Mr. Brightside

Title: Mr. Brightside
Synopsis : Sort of my take on the canon relationship between Pepper/Happy and Pepper/Tony.
Warning: Angst. So much angst.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to my muse -[info]forged_of_iron
Inspired by: Mr. Brightside

It started out with a kiss / How did it end up like this? / It was only a kissCollapse )

Let It All Out

Title: Let It All Out
Synopsis : Pepper finds Tony in a drunken stupor and takes it upon herself to watch over him.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to my muse - [info]forged_of_iron
Inspired by: Let It All Out

And today I'll trust you with the confidence of a man who's never known defeatCollapse )

Gray or Blue

Title: Gray or Blue
Synopsis : At a party thrown by Tony Stark, Pepper catches herself unable to look away from her handsome employer and begins to realize her heart might feel more for him than she wishes to.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to my muse -[info]forged_of_iron
Inspired by: Gray or Blue

I can't keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastesCollapse )

IC Post.

There are days when marketing manages to surprise even me.

...I think I would have preferred my LEGO come with little stilettos instead of a briefcase.

I was taking a walk through a store today - trying to figure out where the Fruity Pebbles and orange soda were - when I came across an aisle filled with various children's Halloween costumes. There was the usual...princesses, pirates, witches and ghouls.

Then I saw it.

I would have probably walked right by, had it not been for a young boy that was loudly screaming "Mommy, Mommy -  I want to be Iron Man for Halloween!"

I looked up and, yes, there it was. A miniature version of Shellhead complete with tiny little gloves and mask.

I'll admit, I was a little taken aback. It's one thing to hear people hail Tony as their hero on the news and all...but to hear this little boy begging to be able to don that armor...

It was...humbling.

Unfortunately, that sense of wonder was short lived. Walking to the next aisle I saw a long rack of Adult costumes. And wouldn't you know - there was an Iron Man costume there too!


Up above it? A tag that said "Tony Starch".

I was amazed and knew not what to say.

It's official!

Three days and one full shoe closet later, I have finally finished unpacking the last of my boxes!

I think that I may yet be able to survive living in New York City now.

Hm. And to celebrate...I think I'll go out and buy that new pair of stilettos I was eyeing yesterday.
Clearly Mr. Stark's insomnia seems to be contagious.

Despite being exhausted from all the stresses of moving, I simply could not manage to fall asleep last night! I tried reading, which is usually of some assistance, but that only made me feel more restless. I tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable - but it's going to take some getting use to this new bed.

So after about an hour of staring at the ceiling, I decided to spring for a late-night snack of chocolate and wine. (It's a comfort food, so sue me).

Chocolate cake and wine in hand, I settled in to watch some television (purposefully staying away from anything remotely related to carnivorous rabbits).

One of the stations was playing a marathon of Alfred Hitchcock movies and To Catch A Thief was on. It'd been some time since I'd seen it, so I decided to watch it just for nostalgic memories.

I'd forgotten how much I love that movie.

I did finally manage to go to sleep afterwards...but I wound up having some very strange dreams. I can't quite remember them now. They'd been so vivid in my head, but the second I awoke, they were gone.

All I can remember is that they were really, really nice.


Day One

(After The Social Paper Says...)

I can't find my toothbrush.

It's the first night in New York City since we moved here. Tony's place has started to take shape mostly due to yours truly...but my temporary apartment is a disaster. There's boxes everywhere! And the whole moving thing happened in such a flurry that I completely forgot to label the essential things that I would need.

So now I can't find my toothbrush.

I think I'm a little homesick.

In other news - got to plan a party tonight.

Yep. Party on our first night in town. Leave it to Tony.

It went over well.

Except for the Doombot and that ridiculous "Mahna Mahna" song getting stuck in my head!

Note to self: New catering company must be found.

Note to self: Find out more about this Fury character.

I think I'm going to go look for my toothbrush now.


OOC Talk

Good evening.

My name is Angela and I play the character of Pepper Potts on Marvelous Beginnings.

This is an OOC post where you can get in touch with me about potential storylines or any form of discussion and chatter. :)